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Where is Geneva Thomas from? Geneva Thomas is from Detroit, Michigan, though the “Blood, Sweet and Heels” star has certainly transcended her Midwestern roots. Thomas studied in places like Edinburgh, Paris, Cape Town, and London before settling in New York City, where she’s worked as a style and pop-culture journalist and brand manager. She now heads the 1530 Agency, “a digital agency for beauty, fashion, and lifestyle brands that want to market to millennial Black and Latina women.”

The question “where is Geneva Thomas from?” is one reality TV fans are sure to ask, as “Blood, Sweet and Heels” premiered on Bravo in January 2014 and immediately earned strong ratings. The show follows six powerful New York City women as they balance the demands of their careers and personal lives, and at 30 years old, Geneva Thomas is the youngest of the bunch. The show’s debut episode drew an audience of 2.5 million viewers, making it the highest rated reality debut in Bravo history.

The question “where is Geneva Thomas from?” doesn’t quite tell the whole story, as she’s hardly spent much time in Detroit. This Motor City mover-and-shaker enrolled at Michigan State University in 2001, and during her undergrad years, she was fond of studying abroad. Her travels took her to Europe and South Africa, and since graduating with degrees in history and English, she’s earned a master’s in journalism from New York University and worked as a journalist for such publications as Ebony, Digital, and Clutch Magazine. The question, it seems, has never been “where is Geneva Thomas from?” but rather “where is she going?” The answer may well be “straight to the top.”

“I feel like people were looking for something different, a fresh take,” Thomas said in an interview with, discussing the breakout success of “Blood, Sweat and Heels,” the show that could make her a household name.

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