Rapper 50 Cent came into the game with a big chip on his shoulder. As his bank account has grown, 50 seemed to have calmed down a little bit with the beef. However, it looks like he’s back to his old ways by making fun of former music industry insider Jimmy Henchman.

50 Cent took to his Instagram page to make fun of Henchman’s current legal woes. In case you forgot, Henchman is on trial for murder. However, 50 Cent wasn’t mocking Jimmy Henchman for being on trial. He was making fun of Henchman for supposedly snitching while in awaiting trial. The Southside, Jamaica, Queens native posted a photo of Henchman, real name James Rosemond, with a caption scrolled across his chest the read, “I’m gonna drop a dime on these n***as.” Underneath that photo, 50 captioned, “LMAO. THIS BOY SOLVED EVERY CRIME IN NEW YORK. Old gangster jimmy, go a head and tell some more shit killer. Lol.”

It’s a little funny that this is coming from 50 Cent considering there were rumors about 50 Cent snitching to the police about Kenneth “Supreme” McGriff, who was a drug dealer rumored to have given Irv Gotti seed money to start Murder Inc. Jadakiss made that perfectly clear on his 2005 50 Cent diss track “Checkmate” when he spit, “I heard you put a couple of good n***as behind bars. (Preme!)” On the same track, Jada also calls 50 out for running around with the NYPD’s lieutenant and captain.

We don’t expect Jimmy Henchman to respond since he has bigger things to deal with, like a murder trail and a possible life sentence. But we shall see how long 50 Cent eggs this on.



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