Wow! So all this time we thought Love & Hip Hop star Rich Dollaz was supposed to be “gettin checks” from music. We had no idea that he was doing “model searches” at clubs all over the country in which the ladies he is supposedly discovering are all paying $50 a pop to enter his “search”.

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Hmmm well…if we do the math, we can see that even if he only had a total of 400 girls show up to one of these events..if each of those girls all paid $50 a piece to get discovered by Mr. Dollaz… then he would have made $2o,000.00 in one night right there!

Then if he repeated this club gathering thing another 4x in a week… he’d have cleared $100,000.00 in a week’s time and didn’t really have to do anything except tell girls that they may have a shot at speaking to him the following week.

Oh yeah that’s another part of the gig…apparently these girls are supposed to pay Dollaz’s people $50 without ever even seeing Rich for themselves. They only get to see him if some ” judge panel” says they are worthy to move to the next phase of the program. Then they supposedly come back the next week to talk to Dollaz…and if he likes them…they will win a lot of prizes.

Check out the flyer below to see just how…interesting this whole thing is.


Apparently the way it works is…Dollaz doesn’t actually show up on the same night that the “model contestants” do. Allegedly, if they are selected to move to the next round the following week…they will get to speak to Rich Dollaz…but only then. And even at that point the ladies are still not guaranteed that anything is going to happen or that they are going to be on Love & Hip Hop.

In fact…it’s sort of interesting that it doesn’t say VH1 too much on the flyer…nor does it say Mona Scott Young who is the Executive Producer of the show.

Last night it was in Dallas, TX, tonight it’s in Columbus, Ohio and tomorrow night it’s Chicago, IL! Get em! We bet there’s a whole lot of $50 in all of those cities.

Now that we think about it..we wonder if this is what Charlamagne was talking about when he was discussing how Rich Dollaz does or doesn’t get paid a few weeks ago.

Well anyways, good luck ladies…we have a feeling that in order for you to actually physically get on to the show…you’re going to need it.



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