“This ain’t rappin, this is street-hop” —Nas, “Made You Look”

If watching Sesame Street as a kid didn’t make you want to dance at some point you were either watching on mute or had your “sit still” meds cranked up to ten. At any rate adults have sought every opportunity to relive those glory days of the Children’s Television Workshop in some curious ways, including some clever (and disturbing) mash-ups of Big Bird and the crew with popular hip-hop songs.

The most recent entry into the monster mash-ups  is of The Juice Crew’s 1988 classic “The Symphony” with Kermit, Big Bird and Don Music doing their best b-boy karaoke.

When you see Grover holding up the “Capital A” just as Masta Ace’s lyric comes in you know this person put some time and thought into it. Bravo.

Here are 6 More Sesame Street Mash-Ups and our grades for them.


Snoop Dogg, “Ain’t No Fun”

A rollerskating Big Bird lip-synching Nate Dogg’s misogyny and Kermit The Frog pimp slapping Miss Piggy will have us in therapy for the foreseeable future.

Grade: B-

M.O.P. “Ante Up”

This raucous remix of Bert and Ernie pantomiming the Mash Out Posse is one of the most popular on Youtube with over 9 Million views and counting.

Grade: A+

Willow Smith, “Whip My Hair”

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The multi-talented Mek Jagger layered Willow Smith’s ode to frolicking follicles over the natural hair positive “I Love My Hair.”

Grade: A

Rick Ross, “Hustlin”

We didn’t realize how many different jobs Grover had on “Sesame Street” before watching this clip; Aerobics instructor, hot dog vendor, bellhop, fast food worker and door-to-door salesman.

Grade: B

Kanye West, “Monster”

One of the more recent entries into the Sesame Street mash-up game, this one pulls more from the The Muppets with minimal parts from Sesame Street,  but wins with Miss Piggy taking on Nicki Minaj’s scene-stealing verse.

Grade: B+

MF DOOM “Kookies” 

Masked rapper and producer MF DOOM sampled the 1970s Sesame Street closing theme song (as well as Cookie’s hollow, ravenous Grunts)  for this track from 2004’s MM..Food, so it was only right that someone put everyone’s favorite blue bulimic (hey have you ever seen him SWALLOW them?)  front and center.

Grade A-


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