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Where is Ty Dolla $ign from? Ty Dolla $ign is from Los Angeles, California, where the rapper, singer, songwriter, and producer grew up in a musical household. Ty’s father was in a funk band, as he told Noisey, and one of his uncles played with the Isley Brothers. Ty, born Tyrone Griffin, started out on bass guitar and learned how to play numerous instruments, and the 28-year-old rising star is now putting those skills to use as a member of Wiz Khalifa‘s Tyler Gang Records roster.

Hip-hop fans have likely been asking, “Where is Ty Dolla $ign from?” since 2011, when the multifaceted California native began dropping mixtapes. Ty signed to Atlantic Records in 2012, and that year, he released his “Beach House” mixtape. A sequel, “Beach House 2,” followed in 2013, when Ty$, as he’s sometimes known, revealed that he’d signed with Wiz Khalifa’s Tyler Gang label. “Look here man, I’m not even goin hold you people anymore. This dude right here makes some major music,” an apparently enthused Wiz said at the time of the signing, according to Vibe. “I’m a huge fan … So, its only right that Ty Dolla $ign joined f—in’ Taylor Gang.”

The question “where is Ty Dolla $ign from” is one many more rap fans will be asking later this year, when the rising star drops his long-awaited full-length debut. In January 2014, he released the “Beach House” EP, building some additional buzz for the album, and he’s since announced the title: “Free TC.” As he said in an interview with Revolt, the initials in the record’s title have to do with a certain family member who’s evidently found himself in a bit of trouble.

“That’s my brother, that’s also on [the] Beach House EP, he’s in jail right now so, I’m trying to get him out of there,” Ty said.

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