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Actor and comedian Mike Epps is currently starring in the thriller “Repentance” alongside Anthony Mackie and Sanaa Lathan. While he was speaking to about his role we got the industry vet to shed light on some of his other projects, including the controversial Nina Simone biopic starring Zoe Saldana and whether he’d work with Kevin Hart.

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Craziest thing he’s done to get out of a bad situation…

Probably lied to the police. The police pull you over and ask you some questions and you start telling them anything. I’ve told the police all kinds of stuff. I’ve told Police the dog chewed up my license and all kinds of crazy stuff…

Zoe Saldana in Nina Simone Biopic…

I haven’t seen the [full] movie. I just filmed my part of the movie. What I do know is that because of the generation gap between the people who know who Nina Simone is verses the younger generation who don’t really know who she is, I think Zoe did a great job. I think it’s people over a certain age from a different generation who are critical of the movie…For young people who don’t know Nina is it’s a great educational movie for ’em to watch. And they won’t be so judgmental about it. They’ll just enjoy Zoe playing this character.

Playing Richard Pryor in Nina Simone Biopic…

It was great to play Richard Pryor. I didn’t get to play him for a whole movie but the little part that I did play it was cool. It was satisfying. If I don’t ever play him again I’m cool. I gotta chance to play him in a movie and show people the essence of who I thought he was within in a small time period and I’m cool with it.

 MCs he’s feeling right now…

I like Kendrick Lamar, I like Drake, 2 Chainz..a couple of the new artists. [My album “Funny Bidness – Da Album”2009] was all fun. I was rapping to have a little fun. Everybody gotta drop a little album every now and then. A couple people dropped albums that wasn’t supposed to drop ’em. My sh*t went wood.

 NFL banning the N-Word…

Again, I always look at it as the old people look for some way to admonish somebody, pointing the finger, picking on people or whatever. My kids don’t even know what it is. They hear it and it’s very irrelevant to them, but it’s endearing to us. Those older people have been saying it all they life but now it’s only a problem…Wassup my n*ggas!

Working with Kevin Hart….

We might do a little something later on down the [line]. I have worked with Kevin before. He opened up for me before he became who he was. In the 90s. He used to open comedy shows for me. It’s his time. Congratulations to him.

Mike Epps new film “Repentance” is in theaters now!

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