Here we go again…Radar Online reports that Chris Brown and Rihanna are thinking of toying around once more…therefore leaving poor little Karrueche Tran out in the cold…again.

Yep the girl that has been standing by Chris through all his legal mess and took him Thanksgiving turkey while he was in rehab…has allegedly been given her walking papers!

According to Radar Online, shortly after being released from his anger management program late last week, Breezy unfollowed Tran on Twitter which was interesting because the day prior, Tran tweeted a picture of herself holding a sign that said,

‘Treat your girl right.'”

However, Tran is reportedly handling the alleged break up quite well. Thursday she tweeted multiple pics of herself in lingerie and then was spotted partying at the OK! Magazine Pre-Oscar party the next day.

She also reportedly posted a quote on her Instagram that read,

“Flow with whatever may happen and let your mind be free: Stay centered by accepting whatever you are doing. This is the ultimate.”

So yeah..uhhh take that…Breezy…we guess??? But as for Chris and Rihanna there has been no further mention of the two of them doing anything…except for texting one another earlier last week. However, if Tran’s friends are the ones talking to Radar Online…we bet that’s where they are getting the idea that Breezy and RiRi are about to go there with it.

All we know is…we sure hope no matter what happens…one of these girls will stop going back at some point. We’re not sure we can handle this go round too many more times!

It really begs the question though…what the heck does Chris Brown have on these girls that they just can’t leave him the hell alone? Hmmm….we wonder.

But this we don’t wonder..we know…Chris is just getting out of rehab and trying to get himself together. Staying healthy mind, body and soul will be critical to his recovery…so this back and forth with these girls..needs to stop. Maybe deep down he knows that Tran just isn’t good for him or his sobriety in all of it’s forms. We’re just saying…relationships are draining and often times they can jeopardize the work one has put in to getting better. It could be for the best if Chris just worries about himself for the moment…and maybe that’s why he let Karrueche go. If so…he may have done her a favor…even if it doesn’t feel that way to her now.



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