Where did Yandy Smith go to college? Yandy Smith attended Howard University in Washington, D.C., where she studied business management. After getting her diploma and moving back to her hometown of New York City, the future “Love & Hip Hop” cast member got a job as an executive assistant at Violator Management, where she worked with the likes of LL Cool J and Missy Elliot. She later managed rapper Jim Jones and left Violator to take a job at Warner Music Group/Atlantic Records, and as her reputation grew, Billboard named her one of the “Top 30 Executives Under 30.” Smith is also a columnist, blogger, and entrepreneur, so she’s got more going for her than your average reality TV star.

Fans asking, “Where did Yandy Smith go to college?” might also be curious about whether she actually uses the knowledge she picked up in all those Howard business courses. As the “Love & Hip Hop” star told the D.C. radio station WKYS, she hasn’t had to apply a ton of what she learned, though it does come in handy. “I was a business management major, with business management I had to take finance , accountant, and business law,” she told the station. “All those different things added a little salt to who I am but we have lawyers that cover our contract.I have accountant to handle my money. I have a financial advisor to handle my finances. Your really spoiled in music because you have someone to pretty much handle everything ,that’s a experts in their field.”

Where did Yandy Smith go to college? If you want to get specific about the question, she went to school in Washington, D.C., where Howard — one of the nation’s leading historically black colleges — was founded in 1867. As Yandy told Necole Bitchie, she got a scholarship for her first two years, but her mother made her pay the final two, and that taught her how to “handle mine,” a valuable lesson she’s used in the professional world, and on “Love & Hip Hop.”

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