Writer/director Tyler Perry has some new drama on his hands. A woman has filed a lawsuit against the movie mogul claiming he stole her idea for the film “Madea Gets A Job.”

According to Georgia legal documents, a woman named Lisa Daniels filed a civil action suit against Tyler Perry for theft of a literary piece and/or play. Daniels stated in the handwritten documents, ““I was the sole creator of a literary piece “Madea Gets A Job,” and this literary piece was featured in the form of a Tyler Perry play. This play had the same title that my play had, and this play had similar themes as my play.”

Daniels went on to explain that she handwrote civil case because of her unsavory financial situation. She claims her poverty won’t allow her to file her case the way the Fulton County Court system requires. The 47-year-old woman says her monthly income is paltry $569. Lisa Daniels is seeking no less than forty percent of revenue from the film.

Tyler Perry has not responded to the lawsuit as of yet.



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