While actor/comedian Marlon Wayans and rapper Lord Jamar went back and forth on Twitter today…we think there was a deeper meaning that was missed by many who grabbed a seat and some popcorn and watched the jokes fly from timeline to timeline all day long. In fact we’d venture to say the two who were beefing missed it too.

It seems that Lord Jamar had an issue with a picture that was posted on Twitter of actor Omar Epps in what appeared to be a skirt or dress of some kind during a recent visit to the ladies of “The View“.

What many don’t know is the backstory and the reason why we’re sure Marlon jumped to Omar’s defense. Marlon and Omar Epps are childhood friends. They’ve been cool for more than half their lives. So, it’s not a shock that Marlon would feel protective if he heard that Jamar was cracking jokes on his homie on twitter. Anyone can understand that…and not many would fault him.

But what many couldn’t understand was WHY Marlon who felt justified in taking up for his friend Omar..would then turn around and throw other people under the bus (who weren’t involved with any of it to begin with) during his tweet beef back and forth with Jamar. Wasn’t that just as bad as what he felt Jamar did to his pal? Just sayin….but we digress.

Take a look at some of the craziness that ensued below!


Of course other people chimed in with  thirsty comments that were meaner than either of these guys’ put together in an attempt to get a pat on the head or a virtual “at a boy” from one of the two more famous tweeters…in the end it did nothing to foster a decent convo between anyone.

Bottom line…as long as Lord Jamar keeps on this anti-gay antiquated line of discussion he is going to get attacked by people who don’t agree with him…and he seems to be comfortable with it. But what he apparently fails to see is..he is attacking people’s mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, children, nieces, nephews, cousins and friends. People have a right to feel a way about what he is saying…whether he likes it or not. So while he technically has the right to say and feel however he wants people also have the right to disagree and fight back against his sometimes hateful words.



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