Where did NeNe Leakes go to college? NeNe Leakes attended Morris Brown College in Atlanta, Georgia, though she dropped out after two years when she became pregnant. That’s according to an interview the “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star gave Ebony magazine. After leaving Morris Brown, NeNe became a stripper, adopting the names Silk and Holly and earning major bank. It’s through exotic dancing she met her husband, Gregg Leakes, who she’s since walked down the aisle with twice. The couple initially wed in 1997, and as “Real Housewives of Atlanta” fans know, they divorced in 2011. When they remarried in June 2013, Bravo’s cameras were there to capture all the action for the spinoff series “I Dream of NeNe: The Wedding.”

Fans asking, “Where did NeNe Leakes go to college?” undoubtedly do so because they know this New York City native is a smart cookie. More than just a reality TV star, Leakes is an actress, author, and entrepreneur, and since making her RHOA debut in 2008, she’s made the jump to scripted TV, playing coach Roz Washington on “Glee” and Rocky on “The New Normal.” At Bravo’s 2009 A-List Awards, she won the prize for “Guiltiest Pleasure,” but she’s clearly more than that. Entertainment Weekly once named her one of its “Entertainers of the Year,” and she hasn’t lost the ambition that likely led her to Morris Brown College in the first place. “Because of Leakes versatility as a reality star, talk show host and correspondent as well as an actress, at one point, Leakes appeared on four different networks, showcasing her skills as a well-rounded talent,” reads her official online bio.

Where did NeNe Leakes go to college? Morris Brown College is located in the Vine City section of Atlanta, where it was established in 1881. Founded by the African Methodist Episcopal Church, this historically black college has faced bankruptcy struggles in recent years, but it remains  open. “The College is proud of its tradition of serving the educational needs of the best and brightest young minds, while simultaneously providing educational support to students who might not otherwise receive the opportunity to compete on the college level,” reads the official website.

Where did NeNe Leakes go to college? A place “committed to academic excellence through advancing knowledge,” as per the website. That’s knowledge that comes in handy in all sorts of careers — even “reality TV star.”

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