The heavily publicized deaths of young Black men like Trayvon Martin, Oscar Grant and Sean Bell have inspired discussion, debate and analysis of why society paints African-American males with this coat of fear. Those deaths (and many more like it that go unpublicized) inspired Brooklyn-based filmmaker Mya B to explore the stereotypes that fuel the fear in her documentary, “Afraid Of Dark.”

In the film she speaks with three generations of Black men from her own family who debunk the negative perceptions, as well as actors like Malik Yoba and artists like General Steele of rap group Smiff-N-Wessun.

“I wanted to analyze the damaging stereotypes of black men which has led to them being murdered and criminalized,” she told “I also wanted black men to receive their glory outside of all the bad things you hear in the media and profile the amazing black men I know and who are in our communities. More importantly I wanted people to never forget those black youth and men who never got justice in death by honoring them in the film to keep them alive in our memories.”

Watch the trailer below.

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