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In 2010 had the pleasure of  interviewing MC, radio host and mixologist Heather B about her pending third album executive produced by DJ Premier, “Open Bar.” We released a snippet of the chat with her talking about her marriage to Horse of The Bravehearts (who knew?) but wanted to hold the rest until the album dropped.

While the album has not yet materialized (we’re still waiting patiently Heather!) the conversation was timeless and since it’s Women’s History Month we wanted to share more of her awesome story.

So things began with Heather B attending college with KRS-One’s brother Kenny Parker and during one of her on-campus parties she finally met The Blast Master.

“He asked me to help promote for this record label he was starting and I was like, ‘I rhyme.’ He took me on tour first and showed me the ropes to everything,” she remembers. “After the tour scene I got a call to audition for some kind of documentary. They were looking for people involved in the arts in New York City.”

That documentary turned out to be MTV’s pilot, “The Real World.”

Watch as Heather recalls her experiences on the show and how she feels about being called the first Black woman of Reality TV.


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