As we previously reported, Chris Brown was arrested and taken to jail on Friday after being kicked out of the rehab facility that he had by all reports been doing well in over the last few months.

Well, according to TMZ, the judge in the Rihanna case ordered Chris to stay at the rehab joint until April 28, when his D.C. assault case goes to trial.  But Chris broke the rules, was booted, and Sheriff’s deputies hauled him to jail.

Mark Geragos the attorney for Brown, will appear in court Monday in an attempt to try to get the judge to release Chris or to allow him to enter a different rehab instead of keeping him locked up. However, since this is the second time in the last 4 months that Chris has been kicked out of a rehab facility…..yeah…this won’t be an easy case to make.

The D.C. trial is set for April 17. The case against Chris is pretty flimsy but…if he were to be found guilty of the charges against him…this judge from the Rihanna case could very likely be tired of giving him chance after chance and just be done with it by sending him to prison and forcing Breezy to serve out his time.



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