Rapper/producer Kanye West is known for his fits of anger just as much as his music. One of Kanye’s worst outbursts was when he attacked a photographer and broke the man’s camera. Kanye was facing time in jail for the attack, but he has sidestepped jail.

As the story goes, West plead no contest to misdemeanor battery in exchange for the prosecution dropping the grand theft charge. As part of the plea deal, Kanye received 24 months on informational probation. Informational probation means West just needs to stay out of trouble for the 24 months and the charge will be erased from his record.


Kanye West went the extra mile with the plea deal because the artist also agreed to 24 private anger management therapy sessions on top of 250 hours of community service. West was ordered to pay the photographer for his damaged camera equipment and any medical bills.

While the photographer will be reimbursed for his equipment and medical bills, that wasn’t enough for him. The photographer addressed the court and asked that West be put behind bars. The photographer told the court that the trauma and emotional scars stick with him. He concluded the speech by saying he believed Kanye used the attack to sell more copies of his album “Yeezus.” Obviously, all of that fell on deaf ears because Kanye West is a free man.



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