How much is Frank Ocean worth? Frank Ocean is worth $3 million, according to most websites, and while that’s not a tremendous fortune, at least not compared to some of today’s other leading hip-hop and R&B artists, it’s not a bad nest-egg. After all, Ocean has only been in the game for a short time, and his first album, “Nostalgia, Ultra,” was a mixtape he released for free online. The follow-up, “Channel Orange,” likely earned him a few more bucks, and since the record dropped in 2012, he’s emerged as one of the most talked-about singers in the game. When he releases his third album, it’ll surely garner plenty of attention and put a few more dollars in his wallet.

Frank Ocean’s net worth of $3 million also stems from his time as a songwriter for hire. Before releasing “Nostalgia, Ultra,” he co-wrote Justin Bieber’s “Bigger” and Beyonce’s “I Miss You,” and around the same time, he fell in with the Odd Future crew, a gang of Los Angeles rappers and multi-media artists who would soon take the hip-hop scene by storm. Ocean emerged as a star in his own right with “Nostalgia, Ultra,” an album that sampled the Eagles and MGMT and caught the ear of Jay Z and Kanye West. So impressed were those two superstars that they enlisted Ocean to help out on their “Watch the Throne” team-up.

Frank Ocean’s net worth would be slightly higher if he’d made good on a promise to record a remake of “Pure Imagination” for a Chipotle ad. Ocean backed out of the deal, prompting a lawsuit from the fast-food chain and making headlines across the Internet. It wasn’t he first time Ocean had garnered controversy, of course. He’s previously made waves by revealing a same-sex affair and getting into an altercation with Chris Brown, and given his ability to get people talking, he’s sure to stick around for a while. That’s great news for music fans — and for Ocean’s bank account.

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