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KRS-One once rapped about the “unconscious racist,” describing them thusly, “Not knowin’ they’re racist they invade your spaces/ They say, ‘I’m not a racist, I’m not a bigot’/Yet they allow it to go on and won’t admit it…”

In a sketch from a new Comedy Central show called “Review” Forrest MacNeil (played by Andrew Daly) seeks to explore what it means to be racist, because he believes that he is not ACTUALLY racist. So he does “research” on what it means to be racist by eavesdropping on Black people having a picnic in a public park and uses what he hears to turn his company into a throwback to Jim Crow. However, when he gets home and confronts his Black neighbor he realizes that his fake racism may not be an act at all.

Pretty smart stuff here. “Review” airs on Comedy Central Thursdays at 10pm.


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