As we previously reported, R&B diva Anita Baker had an arrest warrant issued for her this week courtesy of a Detroit, Michigan court and now she is speaking out about the fiasco. According to TMZ, Baker says she’s the victim of a sinister plot which caused cops to get a warrant for her arrest.

Anita allegedly told TMZ that she hired Ray Smith Painting and Decorating in 2009 to repair the outside of her home which was damaged by a storm.  The cost of the job was $75,000 and Ms. Baker paid $60K up front.

Anita says the guy didn’t even finish the job and what he did do was turrrible! She ended up getting on a ladder and spackling the darn house herself!

The singer says the contractor had the nerve to file suit for the $15K balance.  However, she was never served with legal papers and therefore had no idea that the contractor had taken her to court!

When Anita was a no-show in court, the judge entered a default judgment.  She says she still had no idea a case had even been filed.

So since Anita had no idea that the contractor was awarded any settlement, she didn’t pay. The contractor tried to take Anita into court again to grill her about where she kept her money so he could go after it to satisfy the judgment.

The contractor claims he slapped the notice on her front door.  Anita reportedly told TMZ that she was on tour and never saw a notice. However she doesn’t actually believe that a notice was ever really placed there anyway.

Baker claims that once again because of a lack of knowledge of the case she was a no-show for the hearing. This resulted in the court issuing an arrest warrant for her.

Anita reportedly told TMZ that she’s in shock, saying,

“I’ve never been in trouble with the law.  I’m terrified.”

Anita’s lawyer says he’s going to court next week to get the warrant lifted and the default judgment set aside.

Anita reportedly told TMZ that as far as she’s concerned,

“There’s no justice in the justice system.”

Awww that’s sad! We hope she gets it all worked out…and SOON! Jail is no place for a diva and especially not one of Anita Baker’s talents! Stay strong Miss Baker!


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