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Enigmatic rapper Andre 3000 moves to the beat of his own drum. He constantly makes moves fans aren’t expecting and that’s part of the reason we rock with him. In his latest out-of-left-field move, 3 Stacks will be working on songs with the Queen of Soul Aretha Franklin.

Franklin let the tidbit of information slip at her 72nd birthday celebration. Before she entered the party, Franklin stopped and spoke to Billboard Magazine, where she shared that she was working on new music with Babyface and the eccentric ATLien.

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Franklin confirmed Babyface was working on songs for her, but she had to wait until he finished his guest-starring role in the Broadway play “After Midnight” with Toni Braxton. The Queen stated, “Babyface is working on the tracks. “Babyface is working on the tracks please.”

The funniest part of Franklin revealing her new collaborators is that she couldn’t remember how many stacks Andre had in his name.  “And I think Andre 2000 – is it two or three? 3000 is going to be doing some of the tracks with him.”

Aretha Franklin has worked with hip-hop acts in the past. Her 1998 song “A Rose Is Still A Rose” was written by Lauryn Hill. Hill directed the video as well.



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