As I said earlier in the week, the streets aren’t safe anymore. A DJ in Madison, Wisconsin learned that he had better start taking requests again after a woman went ballistic on him in the middle of a birthday party he was spinning at.

Madison Police are looking for an unnamed 34-year-old woman who attacked a DJ at a birthday party for not playing the music she wanted to hear. The incident took place at a nightclub called Brocach Irish Pub. Things started getting heated when the woman began yelling about her distaste for the music the DJ was spinning. Initially, people were able to pull the woman away from the DJ and his station. However, the woman broke free and that’s when things went to hell.


The 32-year-old DJ caught punches to the head and a scratch to his face when the partygoer launched her attack. Along with being attacked, the DJ’s equipment was destroyed. His laptop, headphones, and microphone were smashed into oblivion. You would think after causing all of that damage, the partygoer would be satisfied, but that wasn’t the case. After smashing the equipment, the woman picked up a glass and hurled it at the DJ’s head. He saw it coming and ducked which allowed the glass to hit a window and shatter.

The injured DJ told police he isn’t sure what song he played that cause the woman to get so irate. She quickly exited the club before police could arrive. But the police are actively searching for the woman.



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