Still Da Baddest

Slip N Slide Records

Katrina Laverne Taylor is catching bullets in her teeth now (hottest album cover of the year) but to really feel what she’s spitting on Still Da Baddest, her first CD as a liberated woman (from both Atlantic Records and Weezy F. Baby), you need to click on tracks like “Look Back At Me” (see video below) and “Clear It Out.” The former is a piece of hip-hop hentai where the Diamond Princess bends her libido into a spectacle of tantalizing whorigami, and the latter features the confident, heel-clicking femme fatale that has populated spank banks the world over. Unfortunately, the song with the nastiest title, “Phone Sexxx,” is a sexual snoozer and Trina pads the CD with Oxygen Channel chaff like “Wish I Never Met You.” The problem isn’t that she’s telling love stories, it’s that she isn’t believable. Trina drones through this cut with half the swagger of her 808-infused man-bashers like “Lame” which was reduced to bonus track status, but is a more effective rallying cry for women scorned. Trina is way too good at being bad and needs to leave the singing and wining for little girls. Keep being the bitch we love.

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