And now you’re become a free agent again…

Yep, Me and Melo.

I’m not entertaining any hate speech about Melo leaving the Knicks dawg…

He’s not gonna leave! Just because he’s exercising the right to be free and to re-negotiate his true worth… that’s all it means. It doesn’t mean that he’s leaving. I just feel like in regards to that, we share similarities because I’m just exercising my true worth. I just want the league and everybody else to understand what I’m truly worth and what I should be valued at. And Melo’s about to get that now… 130 million for five years, he got Phil Jackson now. They’re putting the components around him that he deserves. That’s what I need. I need the components I deserve and I need my true value and my true worth out of the game.

And you didn’t feel as if you were getting that with your second deal with Diddy?

Not in its totality… or maybe not at the rate that I felt that I needed it at. Just from Diddy having so many endeavors and his hands being so full with so many different things, because of my past, because I’m not a new, new artist… I might be new to people who just heard me but I’ve been doing this game for ten years plus, to where I need to see some results from my work. So that’s the reason why. It was more personal within myself and my journey.

With that analogy in mind, does that mean that you wouldn’t be opposed to signing up with Diddy again if the deal was right? Or are you looking for a whole new team.

Well, I’m not looking for a team… like I said; I’m just looking for my true value and my true worth. So I might be doing my own thing next, there ain’t no telling. Right now I have a lot of opportunities and lot of people reaching out that wanna help. So I’m just gonna figure out what I wanna do and how I wanna do it, and you know, learn to be my own boss and make these maneuvers the way I need to make em. It’s all about growth.

As far as growth is concerned, do you ever worry that yours will be stunted because somebody with your skill level will have problems getting people to collab with you from fear of being embarrassed?  

Umm, maybe… you know? But everybody can’t love you man, any human being should know that. That should be an applied philosophy… at some point at some point that everybody ain’t gon love you man. And everybody that say they love you, it ain’t gon be real. So at the end of the day, all you can ask for is respect and hopefully you don’t get disrespected. So that’s all I ask for, I don’t need love. Just respect me for what I do, acknowledge me for who I am and what I represent and for everything else… it is what it is.

So with that said, what’s the possibility of you and Kendrick getting on a track together? He did salute you in all those interviews…

Yeah, I see that as a strong possibility. We met up one time when I saw him at the mall, we exchanged numbers and… I see that as a strong possibility. Just in the realm of how he said my name so many times without me even knowing him… I just think when the time is right and when I step up to do everything that I’m gonna do and my work shows, I think those things are going to happen. I don’t expect those things to happen prematurely though.    

So what’s the next step in the progression to get you to that level?

Well you know, I released this project that dropped on the 24th. From there I go on tour in April. And after that man, who knows what’s gonna come from it? Good stuff can only because it’s all been progressing anyway! Despite me making a move from Bad Boy it’s all been progressing but now its just better. I’m definitely gonna do something that involves me establishing my own structure. There’s no telling who I might do a venture with yet it’s still early, so it remains to be seen at this point. I just want them to say that I was one of the greatest if not the greatest to ever do it. I don’t think that’s too much to ask for.

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