Wow…this story just took on a whole different twist. Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’s Benzino spoke to the Boston Globe and told them about what he remembers of the events leading up to being shot.

Benzino says he had planned to skip his mother’s funeral Saturday because he had hoped to avoid trouble stemming from a festering family feud, but trouble found him anyway.


Says Benzino,

“Because of a bitter family fight over finances and the care of my deceased mother I decided not to attend the funeral. Instead, I mourned her privately earlier Saturday at the funeral home where the wake was held.

I didn’t want to be around them. I felt like, I didn’t want any problems. I can love my mother and there doesn’t have to be no problems with family.”

Benzino told the Globe he was driving south on Route 3 to meet a friend in Plymouth when he happened upon his mother’s procession.

“I looked over, there was a car, and all I saw was a gun shooting at me. I was trying to duck and dodge, drive around it, maneuver the car. … I was bleeding a lot. I was driving with my thumb in my shoulder to try to stop the bleeding.

After being shot in the upper arm and back I stopped the car, got out, and ran away on foot. A moment later, another relative driving in the procession stopped to pick me up then brought me to the Duxbury Police station.”

He thanked Duxbury firefighters, whom he credited with saving his life.

“Those guys were super, super nice and helpful. I was in pain, and they were trying to keep me calm.”

Martin Leppo, Benzino’s lawyer, said he expected him to be discharged from the South Shore Hospital on Monday.

Zino opted not to specifically speak about Gai Scott saying he preferred to let law enforcement handle the matter.

He told the Globe he was stunned the family feud escalated to the point of violence though saying he had given thousands of dollars to the relatives involved.

“Money, jealousy, and envy, destroy family relationships. You hear about these things, but you never think it could happen to you. At the end of the day, my mom was in my corner. Who knows what would have happened if she wasn’t in my corner?”

Benzino also spoke to WCVB Boston and said,

“I saw the hearse. I tried to open the hearse door to get in it then I ended up jumping in the car with my aunt.”

He further addressed the problems within his family by saying,

“In the past I felt my sister and nephew were taking advantage of my mother. Money sometimes takes over people’s love for each other, even family. Money, greed you don’t want anyone taking advantage of your mother.”

When the reporter asked if the arguments over money were enough to have someone shoot him… Zino said,

“People get shot for less. At the end of the day you have to ask them.”

Said Father William Williams, the parish priest who conducted the funeral for Benzino’s Mother Ms. Scott,

“The shock to me was when I came out at the end of the funeral and saw the hearse and the limo wrapped in crime scene tape. That was a jolt.”

Again we say…WOW! It sounds to us like maybe the money train was about to come to a stop…and people were not happy.

The alleged shooter Gai Scott is reportedly going to be arraigned soon.

Stay Tuned because we have a feeling there is a whole lot more going on with this story. In fact…if Love & Hip Hop Atlanta cameras were in the area and ROLLING while this happened…then we really…truly think….there is a lot more to this story.



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