Aww sookie sookie now! As we’ve been reporting, Porsha Williams allegedly trounced Kenya Moore last week during a taping of the Real Housewives Reunion. Well, TMZ posted the 911 call.

Lot’s of people who are not familiar with the Real Housewives franchise don’t really understand why it is that the reunions are always so darn contentious. Well let us explain.

You see….many times these women have not all been in the same room at the same time since the show has aired. And they didn’t get to see the show until we the viewers saw it. And now for the first time… they are face to face with the chicks who have been shhhhhhhhhhhhading them on camera and behind their backs. So tensions are high because they have not been able to address a lot of the things that upset them during the show’s season. And it has been festering and rotting inside of them..just waiting to get out.

So, when you add all of that with a personality like Kenya Moore’s which is often times abrasive and over the top with the dramatics…you get a powder keg of frustration that is just begging to be ignited…and it sounds like that’s what happened to Porsha last week.

Take a listen to the 911 call below and judge for yourself.



Ummm…yeah….sounds like Kenya caught the fade and was embarrassed in that call. And did we hear the other girls laughing in the background or was that just us? Sounds like they were going over the events of the day while Kenya was on the phone…but we digress.



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