A few weeks after releasing a teaser trailer for season 4 of “The Boondocks” Adult Swim has released an official trailer that lets fans know how this season will shape up after the exit of the series creator Aaron McGruder.

At least from the look of things, not much has changed in term of tone. In this trailer Granddad  goes broke after refinancing with an adjustable rate mortgage and tells the boys they have to move out of Woodcrest.

A few million dollars in the hole, The Freeman clan is forced to do whatever it takes to make ends meet, including menial jobs for Uncle Ruckus and becoming a manwhore.

When finally pushed to the limit Granddad “breaks bad” and things go predictably amok. Watch the mayhem unfold in the trailer below.

“The Boondocks” season four premieres April 21 at 10:30PM on Adult Swim.

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