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Ummm uh oh! Did this really just happen?! We’ve seen a lot of things recently….but this is just….wow! Somehow we don’t think this is going to go over too swell with more than a few people!

Take a look at what Earl Sweatshirt‘s version of Joe Budden looks like in the trailer for the Loiter Squads new season below!




We have to believe that there will be a response to this in some lyrics from someone…somewhere…sometime…SOON!

By the way…we don’t know if they meant to say “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” when the story we saw was about a “Love & Hip Hop New York” cast member or not…there may be other characters in the sketch that they didn’t show…Lord help us all if there are!

To say it seems like toes are going to be stepped on this season is an understatement….but we don’t think we’re going to speculate on that…instead…we’d rather just wait…and watch it to see what happens!


The show premieres May 15, at midnight on Adult Swim.





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