Fans of legendary blues artist B.B. King were less than thrilled with his performance in St. Louis this past weekend. The show is said to have been so bad that people heckled King and others just stormed out in disappointment.

According to reports, B.B. King and his famous guitar Lucille took to the stage at the Peabody Opera House in St. Louis to thunderous applause. However, as the show went on, those applause turned into boos. Many fans categorized the show as painful and erratic. Instead of singing the hell out of his signature songs, King spent more time talking to the audience than anything. Also, concertgoers say King only performed about only a few complete songs. The rest were snippets that ran into each other. To top off all of the madness, the eight-piece band who was backing  B.B. King was constantly missing cues.


The legendary bluesman concluded the show with a fifteen minute rendition on “You Are My Sunshine.” Before he could get to the end of the song, many people walked out.

Every artist has a bad performance. Do thou think that was the case with the legendary 88-year-old guitarist?



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