The final season of AMC’s hit advertising drama “Mad Men” premieres this Sunday and one marketing team has put their own unique spin on what goes on at Sterling, Cooper, Draper, Price. In a spoof called “Don-O-Mite” Leroy & Clarkson re-imagine the agency with a Blaxploitation era cast of fast-talking, hip-swinging, karate-chopping Black folk.

The Many Women Of Mad Men’s Don Draper

Don is a prisoner who is serving time for a crime he didn’t commit and is forced to turn around the worst agency on Madison Avenue –Jackson, Johnson, Washington and White–or go back to jail.  Slim Sterling, Sugarhills Holloway, Pete “The Soupman” Campbell round out a cast that would make the late Rudy Ray Moore proud.

“Suckers better duck down because Don Draper is back in town. He’s 6ft 2 inches of Black TNT and he’s exploding all over Madison f*ckin’ avenue.”

It’s considerably more on the silly side than Daily Motion’s “Mad Black Men” spin but it’s still entertaining.


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