It was the moment almost every fan of HBO’s hit TV show “Game Of Thrones,” has been waiting for. After beheading beloved Ned Stark in season 1 and then taunting his daughter Sansa at every turn, the loathsome  Joffrey Baratheon,finally got his comeuppance.

In the episode “The Lion and The Rose”  (aka #ThePurpleWedding) Joffrey is finally to be wed to Cersei and has arranged for all of the necessary merriment. Joffrey has raised his level of quarrel with his Uncle Tyrion to new levels, hiring dwarfs to reenact the deaths of the kings he’s murdered  and ordering Tyrion to be his cup bearer for the evening.

Just when you think Joffrey can’t be more unbearable he takes a bite of his wedding feast, washes it down with wine and begins to choke. Before long he is laying on the ground asphyxiated by his own blood and bile, having been poisoned. His new crimson moustache painted across his face had him looking every bit the devil we’ve known him to be.

Of course social media let out a collective cheer in the most hilarious of ways as the revelation spread across timelines and time zones. Here are some of the best ones:

Needless to say, all of those “Game of Thrones” themed weddings are now officially a wrap. And if they aren’t God help you.


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