How much is Meagan Good worth? Meagan Good is worth $8 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth, and while that might seem like a lot of money for someone so young — she was born on August 8, 1981, in Panorama City, California — she’s been in the game for nearly as long as she’s been alive. When she was four years old, the future “Deception” and “Think Like a Man” star began appearing in TV commercials, and that led to appearances on shows like “Gabriel’s Fire” and “On Our Own.” Her big break came in 1995, when she nabbed a role in the hit comedy “Friday,” and it’s at that point she began her rise.

Meagan Good’s net worth of $8 million doesn’t compare to the $170 million her “Eve’s Bayou” cast mate Samuel L. Jackson is sitting on, but Meagan is still in her early 30s, and when she was in that 1997 movie — another that helped launch her career — she was just a teenager. Good is sure to bolster her bank account in years to come, and she’s already proved to be a celeb that can get people talking. In 2013, after she’d appeared in “Think Like a Man,” she turned heads at the BET Awards, where she showed up in a low-cut blue dress some thought a poor wardrobe choice, since she was (a) presenting the Best Gospel Artist Awards and (b) she’s married to Seventh Day Adventist preacher Devon Franklin. Good defended herself via social media, which goes to show she’s feisty and confident — traits that will serve her well in Hollywood.

How much is Meagan Good worth compared to other film and TV stars roughly her age? Her $8 million fortune ties her with Kerry Washington, as the “Scandal” star is also $2 million away from the eight-figure club. Both ladies are doing better than Rashida Jones, who’s worth $5 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth, though if they want to catch Rashida’s “Parks and Recreation” costar Amy Poehler, they’ll need $10 million paydays. The former SNL cast member is worth $18 million, according to reports.

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