Well, well well! FINALLY there is a comment from Mimi Faust regarding what has been going on over the last few days pertaining to her sex tape (or porno depending upon who is telling the story!)

MiMi posted some pics to social media yesterday and a few of those pics seemed to address what she feels about what everyone on planet Earth has to say regarding her sex tape.  No worries, there aren’t any shower rods in these pictures.


Man look, when you find yourself in a hole quit digging! We’re certain that the internets are going to find a way to make it even worse for her now as a result. It will appear as though she still doesn’t get what all the fuss is about. Oh boy that ain’t good.

Take a look at what they are already saying on her instagram account below!

prettyfknstizzy  Still A Thot ! A Lien Tho. Sex Tape Lit Though

eternity_destiny F**k your bills,,, that’s no excuse for what you did Mimi, before any man your should come first! But I guess you being with Nikko broke ass the money have to come from somewhere!

houstanlantavegas_ It’s not even a sex tape it’s a porno some one else was in there clearly smh
merari_sobeautiful@mimifaust  you a straight up loser!!
lova_gyal_  Mimi ain’t as innocent as she seems. Calling Joseline names but she BEEN slangin the puss. Mimi used to sleep around with married men too!

mswilkerson036 It’s so nice to hear men speak on how wrong this was ladies if u not listening than u just deaf dumb stupid u can make money different ways than a sex tape am I knocking her nope she grown but I have lost respect for and u wonder y guys call u out your name cause you laid on your back just to get a Lil fame

nana_lul_thug_ahh  she made a tape and her daughter gets taken away???? bull shit so will somebody take North west away yall hoes have problems… a few years everybody gone forget bout it just like yall did Kim K hmmmm smh DEAR GOD PLEASE HELP THESE JUDGE MENTAL ASS WACK ASS BITCHES AND NIGGAS CAUSE FOR SOME REASON THEY THINK THAT THERE YOU, THAT THEY CAN JUDGE LMAOOO FATHER FORGIVE THEM CAUSE THEY ARE TO FAKE AND TO STUPID TO KNO ANY BETTER AMEN AND AMEN
itslenabena Actually we do pay your bills harlot! If it wasn’t for us watching u on TV or giving u any exposure.. U wouldn’t be where you are at today! And by 2015, you will be a memoryIJS….
tmgexpressions Enjoyed the video. I can’t say I agree and I wouldn’t have done it but what I saw was nice. The shower scene was the best you saw how he was lifting her up and down like he was lifting in the gym? Yeeeeeeeees Nikko. Bottom line she’s grown and if that’s her choice then that’s her choice.


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