NBA player Kevin Durant recently had his dirty little secrets aired out in a counter-lawsuit brought on by his ex-travel agent. The travel agent detailed how she set up several hotel rooms for KD and his entourage’s hookups.

Durant filed a lawsuit against Lynn Swanson back in September of last year claiming that as his travel agent, she overcharged him for at least $500,000 for services she provided for him between 2007 and 2012. Swanson didn’t immediately respond to the suit, but she did file a countersuit this past March.


In Lynn Swanson’s countersuit, she says she earned every bit of the money in question. She says she earned that money by dealing with all of Durant’s celebrity requests. Lynn Swanson says she fielded Durant’s late-night phone calls, las minute requests that needed to be carried out immediately, and booked hotel accommodations for quite a few of Durant’s lady friends.

According to Swanson’s legal documents, on top of setting up KD’s freaky hookup locations, she also paid off his speeding and parking tickets without asking any questions. Swanson says because of all of the services she provided, she’s entitled to $100,000 more.

Both sides reached an agreement at the tail end of March and both dropped their suits, indicating that a settlement has been reached. However, neither party has commented on it.

It’s funny how fast people settle lawsuits when their business gets aired out.

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