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Once upon a time rapper YG was on his Latarian Milton sh*t, doing hoodrat things with his friends. The 24-year-old Compton California native born Keenon Daequan Ray Jackson left a sizable footprint in the rap music landscape with his debut album, “My Krazy Life.” Thanks to hit records like “Toot It and Boot It,”  “Who Do You Love?” and “My N*gga” his album on CTE World/Def Jam landed at an impressive number two on Billboard’s Top 200 in its opening week. But the success almost didn’t happen.

A member of the Tree Top Piru Bloods gang, YG was arrested for burglarizing homes just as his street singles were earning him buzz. His mugshot is recreated for the “My Krazy Life” album cover.

“Where I’m from that’s what the teenagers up to the mid twenties is doin out there…they flockin. That’s big in the culture. They burglarizing houses,” he explains of his illegal past illustrated on tracks like “Meet The Flockers.”

“I went to jail for residential burglary and when I got out three months later I got signed. [But] I was supposed to get two years in the pen,” he reveals. “If I had gotten the two years I wouldn’t have got signed to Def Jam. What I had in the streets would have died down probably. I didn’t get two years because this girl I used to go to H.S. with, her mama found out my case was out of her court where she worked. So on the last day when me and the homies were going to go in, she wrote the judge a letter saying we were good kids. So the judge gave us six months in the county with a strike. So I ended up doing three months and some change off of that six. I got out early and signed three months after that.”

But even with that stroke of good fortune, YG couldn’t celebrate just yet. A week before he was to be released the District Attorney made one last attempt to keep him in a jumpsuit.

Watch our exclusive interview to see why YG is grateful to be living out his dreams.


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