Catching up on “Basketball Wives: LA” because clearly I have nothing better to do with my life, and I’m on the episode where Jackie brings her daughter, Chantel, to confront Draya. (Have you seen that episode? If not, kudos to you, because you’ve found amazing things to do with your time. But looking at the interactions between the three, if I didn’t think Jackie wasn’t crazy already, I most certainly do now.

In the world of these ratchet reality shows, it’s the cast members’ mothers that cause a lot of the drama, and it’s been happening ever since VH1 took a turn for the worse with “Flavor of Love.”

Let’s take a look at all of the ratchet reality TV moms who make us wish that we will never ever ever have to deal with anyone like them in our own reality.

Sister Patterson: The Master Manipulator

Sister Patterson was the OG in crazy TV moms. She burst on the scene with “Flavor of Love” as New York’s (real name Tiffany Pollard) mom. Not sure which was more strange, the fact that she was around the same age as the man her daughter was “in love” with, or the fact that she really did look like a Klingon from “Star Trek.”

She was obnoxious and mean, just like her evil ass daughter, and she didn’t stop at anything to make sure that New York wouldn’t end up with the clock master.

She gave her input on her daughter’s series to find love, “I Love New York,” and the crazy never ceased. Her volume was never lower than a yell, and she wanted to make sure her points were heard loud and clear. And did you forget her bizarro moment when she got up on the pulpit at church?

9 out of 10 crazies

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