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When you began undergoing chemotherapy, did you worry about your hair?

I tried to avoid chemo because of all of the horror stories I’d heard about it. But I knew I had to start it and I knew there was a possibility I would lose my hair. I didn’t even think twice about it because I just wanted to live and take care of my family. I was actually going to cut my hair off and donate it. My stylist said she would make a wig for me. I told her I wasn’t rocking no wig. I’d rather go bald than do that. [laughs] What’s crazy is my hair never fell out.

My mom told me that God was going to show me He was healing me by the fact my hair wouldn’t fall out. I asked her why would God care about somebody’s hair. And she just repeated herself. I didn’t think too much of it then, but it’s making some kind of sense for me now.

How did you feel knowing you beat cancer?

It’s kind of weird because after going through what I did and to be doing as good as I am, is amazing. I can’t take any credit for this. All glory to God. Even my doctors are amazed. They thought I was going to die when I was first diagnosed. Then they thought I was gone when they found a tumor in my brain. I just kept beating it.

How did changing your diet help you beat cancer?

It helped big time. It was a combination of changing my diet and working out. I couldn’t have done one or the other. I had to do both of them. I tried the vegan thing at first, but I just couldn’t do it. [laughs] I stayed with it for a couple weeks. I switched to a vegetarian diet. So I stopped eating meat and poultry and only ate fish. I juiced every single thing. Then I would do cardio and lift weights every single day. That helped me so much.

It helped rebuild my veins when I was going through chemo. It also helped my body recover faster from the chemo. Some people are done for a week after doing chemo because of the nausea and fatigue. I would recover in three days.

How did you mentally prepare to fight cancer when doctors are telling you that you’re going to die the very next week?

God was number one and my family was number two. God just really blessed me with abreast strong support system. I just kept a positive outlook. And on those days when I was down, I didn’t let anybody see that because I didn’t want them to get down. My son kept me going because I knew he needed me and I needed him so I fought to be here for him.

People have asked me how my faith in God got stronger when I was going through this but I always said, “Don’t question Him!” Look at what he did for Job. You can’t question Him.

While you were going through your cancer treatments, were too still working on Stallionaire music?

Yes, I was still working but I wasn’t doing a lot. I was only doing enough so that I wouldn’t overwhelm myself. I really wanted us to get the music out to the public because it really pissed me off that people thought webers reality stars that happened to do music. That’s not even the case. We were musicians who wound up doing reality tv. We were signed to Sony when we did “I Love New York.” Sony warned us not to do the show for that very reason and they were right. We still decided to do the show anyway. Now I just wanna show people we do music. We working on new music. “I’m Bad” is going to be the first single and the album is coming later this year.

How do you hope journey with cancer inspires the next cancer patient?

What I would like to see is a lot of people who give up or complain about their circumstances, but I want people to watch me go through it and see that being positive does help. When you have a disease like that, you don’t have time for negative thinking. You need to keep your mind and body right because that’s what worked for me. My doctors counted me out. How did I go from having two days to live to still being here a year later? You gotta be positive.


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