Tahiry Jose knows what boys like. The curvy video model and reality TV star has spent years as an object of  men’s desires in general and even one rapper in particular. Part of her seductive resume has been a series of revealing “Intimacy” calendars featuring the native New Yorker in all states of undress.

She released her first calendar in 2011 (“the wet edition”)and is back with another 14 months of skintastic eye candy that will make your 2014 and 2015. So it only makes sense that when we asked her what she’d do if she woke up as a man for our “Trading Places” segment, she was rightfully self-absorbed.

“If I woke up in a man’s body– first off I better be holding. I’d be running around streaking,” she tells “Probably dating a Tahiry. I’d be a in a strip club making it rain…”

Watch to find out who else she’d get familiar with if given the opportunity.


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