Rapper/actor Xzibit may be known for pimping out beat down rides, but do not get it twisted. The man is not to be messed with. A group of people found that out after an epic blowout fight with a rapper/promoter in Australia. The fight between Xzibit and the rapper got so heated, Xzibit threw a steel chair at the guy and it was all caught on camera.

As the story goes, Xzibit and the rapper/promoter got into the fight over an unsatisfactory cab ride. The rapper/actor was in Adelaide, Australia on Wednesday for an appearance at a concert. When Xzibit got to the show, he went up to the rapper/promoter named Mastacraft and made grievances about his transportation from the airport to his hotel. The transportation was so bad, Xzibit hailed a cab to the concert when he couldn’t get in touch with the promoter.


When Xzibit found Mastacraft backstage, things got extremely heated very quickly. The rapper/promoter Mastacraft, who is on the receiving end of the thrown chair, says Xzibit was treated like royalty when he got to Australia and any reports to the contrary are lies.

The video seems to tell another story, but check it out below and judge for yourself.

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