Rapper Tyga is a little sad right now considering his pet was recently taken away from him. The Young Money rapper owns a pet tiger. Police confiscated the exotic animal claiming Tyga was in possession of the animal illegally.

Law and wildlife officials became aware that Tyga had a pet tiger when an anonymous report was sent to the California Wildlife offices. The report stated the rapper was busing the tiger in his home in Ventura County, California. A warden showed up to Tyga’s home to inquire about the cat, but the cat had already been removed from the home. Tyga told the warden he took the tiger to a private animal shelter.


No one knows exactly how long Tyga had the tiger in his possession, but he only began posting pictures of the animal on Instgram a month ago. According to the law, it doesn’t matter how long Tyga owned the animal because tigers are prohibited from being house pets in America. So the rapper could face six months in jail for misdemeanor possession of a prohibited species.

Wildlife officers picked up the tiger from the private animal shelter and transported it to a state animal facility until they complete their investigation.

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