When Atlanta rapper Soulja Boy found out the high-end cough syrup Actavis was being taken off the market due to its abuse in the form of lean, he was upset. In his exact words, Soulja  was mad as hell. He’s so mad that he is on a one-man mission to get Acatvis back on the market because, you know, sick people really need it.

The “Kiss Me Thru The Phone” rapper says Actavis’ decision to stop making promethazine codeine hurts the sick mores than any rapper. Despite the company saying they were discontinuing the product due to the abuse of the product by celebrities, Soulja Boy doesn’t believe that at all. S.B. says, “Actavis is running away from money … they could be selling out everywhere.”


Soulja Boy claims to drink the cough syrup while on the road so that he can go to sleep. He also adds that there is nothing wrong with drinking cough syrup to go to sleep. Due to his extreme love for Actavis’ promethazine codeine, he is starting a petition drive to help him get the Actavis’ product back in production.

In spite of saying he used the cough syrup to go to sleep, Soulja Boy figuratively shot himself in the foot when he said, “As far as the lean goes, just know I been had the juice since 2011.”

Somebody come get Soulja Boy and help him get bigger problems. Please and thank you.

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