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Earlier in the year, Samuel L. Jackson went off on a seasoned entertainment journalist during a live interview when the interviewer confused him with Laurence Fishburne. Jackson and Fishburne have been dealing with people confusing them for 25 years. Despite not having been apart of that incident, actor/comedian David Alan Grier decided to help both white people and black people with a new book he debuted on “Jimmy Kimmel Live.”

David Alan Grier, who is on a new show on CBS called “Bad Teachers,” went on Kimmel’s show to advertise a book he wrote called “How To Tell Black People Apart.” As you can imagine, the ad is hilarious and makes every black person wish it were a real book. Unfortunately, it’s just a joke, but a very funny one.

Check pout the video below. If this were a real book, how many white people in your life would you buy it for?

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