When you send shots in Next singer Raphael Brown‘s way, make sure you check his return policy first. After being accused of repeatedly assaulting his wife Juliette Gil-Brown even when she was pregnant, Brown is responding to those claims in court and revealing dirty family secrets of his own.

In a 250-page court document, Raphael Brown, more popularly known as Tweet, said in court documents that his estranged wife has completely lost her mind. He claims she flew off the hand in a fit of jealousy after she saw pictures of thew singer and his new girlfriend from a recent vacation. The “Wifey” singer goes on to allege Gil-Brown’s own mother thinks she’s lost it. Raphael Brown says his estranged wife’s mother told him that “the devil has taken her soul.”


On top of Juliette Gil-Brown’s mother’s comments, Brown says his estranged wife changed her Facebook status to “widowed” after she threatened to slit his throat. Juliette Gil-Brown is also accused of telling a female fan to “stay the f**k off my husband’s page.” As it turns out, the woman Gil-Brown was arguing with is a cancer-stricken fan.

Brown’s most explosive claim is that Juliette Gil-Brown is a racist and called him a “dirty n***er” and saying he’s the reason “n***ers are dying of AIDS.” In between hurling accusations at his estranged wife, the singer also denied any wrong doing with his children.

Upon hearing what her estranged husband put in his court papers, Juliette Gil-Brown said, “He is a dirty n****r … because he fits the stereotype of what a Black, ghetto person is.” She concluded her statement by saying her mother doesn’t even like him so she would never say anything bad about her to him.



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