Legendary pop superstar Mariah Carey is back with another album and it will be in our hands fairly soon. Carey, who just celebrated her third wedding anniversary to Nick Cannon, not only announced she was dropping her 14th album, but she divulged its name and the tracklist.

The title of Mariah’s next album is “Me. I Am Mariah…The Elusive Chanteuse.” The album’s name is a bit of a departure from Carey’s normal theme of rainbows, butterflies, and charm bracelets. But she explained to Billboard Magazine the title came from a prized possession from childhood. The second part of the title “The Elusive Chanteuse” is said to be a nickname she was given like Mimi or MC.


Slated to hit the streets and internet on May 27th, the project boasts a couple features from the likes of Fabolous, Nas, Miguel and Wale. On the deluxe version, you can hear MC’s collaborations with Mary J. Blige on “It’s A Wrap” and with R. Kelly on the song called “Betcha Gon’ Know.”

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Check out the tracklist below.

“Me. I Am Mariah…The Elusive Chanteuse” Tracklisting:

1. Cry.

2. Faded

3. Dedicated (feat. Nas)

4. #Beautiful (feat. Miguel)

5. Thirsty

6. Make It Look Good

7. You’re Mine (Eternal)

8. You Don’t Know What To Do (feat. Wale)

9. Supernatural (With Special Guest Stars “Dembabies” a.k.a. Ms. Monroe & Mr. Moroccan Scott Cannon a.k.a. Roc ‘N Roe)

10. Meteorite

11. Camouflage

12. Money ($ * / …) (feat. Fabolous)

13. One More Try

14. Heavenly (No Ways Tired/Can’t Give Up Now)

15. It’s a Wrap (feat. Mary J. Blige) [Deluxe edition]

16. Betcha Gon’ Know (feat. R. Kelly) [Deluxe edition]

17. The Art of Letting Go [Deluxe edition]

18. Me. I Am Mariah…The Elusive Chanteuse



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