Well, we’ve been reporting for a minute that we thought this might go down and ish just got real in the Phaedra Parks household tonight as her husband Apollo Nida just plead guilty to bank, mail and wire fraud!

According to the Atlanta Journal ConstitutionNida accepted charges that could land him in prison for up to 30 years and a fine of up to $1 million on top of restitution for an estimated $2.3 million he allegedly defrauded various individuals, financial institutions and government agencies.

Judge Charles Pannell has set the sentencing hearing for July 8 at 2 p.m.

Alana Black, the Assistant U.S. Attorney, replayed for Judge Pannell Nida’s scheme in detail.  And according to Black, Nida;

opened a fake debt collection agency to gain access to databases full of individual’s personal information. He would then steal people’s ID and find unclaimed funds, refunds from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, stolen U.S. treasury checks and refunds from fraudulent U.S. income tax returns.

As we previously reported, Nida was working in concert with a co-conspirator by the name of Gayla St. Julien. St Julien just plead guilty and received 5 years in prison for her part of the schemes.

Nida had St. Julien open UPS mailboxes and bank checking accounts using those fake identities, deposit those checks, then pocket the money.

Then Nida created a fake auto dealerships and got auto loans for phantom cars.

The U.S. Secret Service, working with the  State Consumer Protection Agency, caught St. Julien first, then was able to procure Nida’s laptop with all of the evidence so there was no way for him to refute charges against him.

Said Nida in court,

“I take full responsibility for my actions. It was a dumb situation I put myself in.

Apollo expressed remorse to his family and the loved ones he lied to and hurt. He also tried to explain what some of his reasoning was for the actions he took. In 2009, after being released from a five year prison stint for federal racketeering charges related to auto title fraud he and Parks married and she soon signed on to be part of “Real Housewives of Atlanta.”

He said she was making far more money than he was and he felt pressure to keep up. (AKA He was emasculated by having a powerful and much richer wife.)

With his past being what it was, he found it difficult to make easy legitimate money and so he opted for this illegal scheme instead. But he claimed that Phaedra thought he was running a legitimate debt recovery firm and he kept her firmly in the dark.

He said he even had a nervous breakdown at one point over the pressures to “sustain a lifestyle” befitting of a reality show star. And once he started the scheme, he found it difficult to stop. Claimed Nida,

“I got sucked in and engulfed and lost sight of things.”

Nida said he often didn’t think about whether this was hurting anybody because he was primarily targeting private businesses and the government, not individuals. And in the case of unclaimed property, what were the odds these folks would ever claim them?

An attempt to open a legal halfway house fell through, he said, because he was on probation for his prior conviction.

“It’s my fault at the end of the day.”

Wow…just WOW! Now, since he is not due to be sentenced until July, you already know Bravo TV producers are doing the Birdman handrub at the possibilities that await them in the ratings because season 7 of Real Housewives Of Atlanta is set to begin filming soon! And everybody knows… the world is going to want to see what Phaedra is going to do now that her seemingly picture perfect world is starting to crash in around her. Even though this story is horrifying and miserable for Phaedra, it’s going to have show fans salivating from week to week to literally “watch what happens next” . Sad right?

So buckle in kiddies this road just got extra bumpy…and we’ll be watching.




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