How much is Justin Bieber worth? Justin Bieber is worth $160 million according to Celebrity Net Worth, and if that seems like a lot of money for a 20-year-old, consider how much this Canadian pop titan has done in his short career. Born March 1, 1994, in London, Ontario, Bieber arrived on the scene at 13, when he began posting videos of himself singing pop and R&B songs on YouTube. He’d taught himself to sing and play multiple instruments, and before long, his renditions of songs by the likes of Justin Timberlake and Stevie Wonder caught the eye of manager Scooter Braun. Certain he had a star on his hands, Braun connected Bieber with R&B giant Usher, and just like that, the Biebs’ career was off and running. Several years and three studio albums later, Justin Bieber is one of the biggest and richest pop stars in the universe.

Justin Bieber’s net worth of $160 million is based on more than just music, though he’s sold his share of records. As of January 2014, he’s moved 12.8 million albums, and all three of his LPs — “My World 2.0,” “Under the Mistletoe,” and “Believe” — have topped the Billboard 200. Bieber has also scored a number of hit singles, the most famous being “Baby,” which has sold more than 15 million copies. Bieber has also made a boatload on touring and merchandise, not to mention his 2013 film “Justin Bieber’s Believe.” He makes an estimated $50 to $70 million per year, and it’s no surprise that in 2012, Forbes named him the third-most powerful celebrity in the world.

How much is Justin Bieber worth compared to other major pop stars? Due to his recent legal and personal troubles, he’s often compared to Britney Spears, and while there are parallels to be drawn, they don’t extend to finances. Britney is worth a reported $220 million, though in fairness, she’s amassed that fortune over a much longer time period than Bieber has grown his nest-egg. Bieber also comes up short of Beyonce, who’s worth $350 million, but dude’s only 20. If he can get his act together, he’s got many more years of earning ahead of him.

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