With a documentary film and re-release, the twentieth anniversary celebration of Nas’ classic debut, “Illmatic,” has been a non-stop affair. While the album has seen many different interpretations and remixes over the years (most notably Elzhi and Will Sessions “Elmatic LP) we may never see an end to producers putting their own stamp on the project.

In 2010 producers Cookin Soul released a Nas tribute called “The Lost Tapes 1.5” and have gone back to the boards to cookin up a 20-minute hat tip to he Queens Don called “Soulmatic.”

“Our intention when creating “Soulmatic” was not to just remix Illmatic album as such,” they write on their Soundcloud page.  “Actually Soulmatic only contains 4 remixes from the original album… Also we have added a number of musical skits including comments, feelings and experiences from those who created the original album. The “Cookin Soul” way to get the listener closer to that particular state of mind that led to the creation of such a classic.”

Stream below and download HERE.


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