We’re not sure if there is something wrong or if he literally just doesn’t care about honoring commitments but Mr. Christopher Williams has some explaining to do…actually he has a lot of explaining to do!

Over the weekend women in 3 different cities; Jacksonville, FL, Albany, NY and Dayton, OH got all dolled up to see the guy they’ve been “Dreamin” of (See what we did there?) since they were teenage girls. To their disappointment however, Mr. Williams was a no show.

To some of the promoters at these events Chris was a NO CALL and NO SHOW…which is worse because no one wants to be that guy or girl who must go out on the stage and tell women who are all ready to swoon over Williams that he ain’t coming to the stage now or ever!

In Dayton, OH promoter Vaughn Cooper said,

“He didn’t even call.. we kept calling his people and they wouldn’t even pick up the phone! He had 48 hours to cancel before the show…I mean it was built into my contract that way…they could have just said he isn’t coming! How hard is that? But I’ll tell you what…neither he nor his people have to call me now..they can call my attorney!  Because I paid money up front which makes this wire fraud! Now…QUOTE THAT!”

Doh! Luckily for Mr. Cooper he booked Keith Washington for the show as well and Mr. Washington tore the stage apart! Keith gave a show to the women in the room that was worthy of the opening scene of “The 5 Heartbeats“! He sang for those ladies and they loved him for it…some more than others…some inappropriately! (Those ladies know who they are…and they ought to be ashamed for groping on that man that way! It was an R&B show not a strip show! But we digress!)

Keith was joined on stage by his protege Oya Thomas who literally sang her face off! From her own inspirational material off her “Spirit of Oya” project to the duets she sang with Keith, she held it down and aided the promoter in softening the blow that was to come.

Even the opening act Soul Fusion led by K. Watson was in on the cover up. Which was a great thing for them as they got more stage time and they lived up to the pressure. They too had the crowd hyped.

But….when it was announced that Williams would not be taking the stage…his fans went from overwhelmingly happy to beyond vexed. They felt cheated and offended. Where was Christopher and why were they not told that he wasn’t coming they wanted to know!

Well, they weren’t told because Williams has shown up last minute before and taken the stage in other cities. Cooper was hoping the same thing was going to happen in his city…but it did not.

While Keith Washington’s performance was more than enough to round out the ticket and he went above and beyond to give a phenomenal show, Williams owed that crowd his presence. Not just because they paid for his presence (as did the promoter) but because they’ve been waiting umteen years to see him sing in person.

Artists that beg for adoration from the public and then behave frivolously once they get it are a blight on the industry at large. Christopher Williams was off the scene for a very long time…but his impact kept his fans longing to faint in front of him for more than 20 years. It’s sad that he doesn’t appear to take that seriously. Why ask people to respect you or your work if you aren’t going to show up for the fanfare?  How does he know whether or not some of those women were eating tuna fish sandwiches for a week in order to pay for a ticket and a new dress for his show? His fans still love and adore him but better yet…they’re still willing to spend their last few dollars on him…why isn’t that enough?

The fans in Albany, Dayton and Jacksonville deserve those answers and we wonder if Williams will be man enough to step up and deliver them or will they just be “talking to themselves” ?

Guess only time will tell.






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