Michael Jackson‘s spirit and musical legacy will never be forgotten. Contemporary musicians and producers are making sure of that with the release of the King of Pop’s second posthumous album “Xscape.” The album’s first single “Love Never Felt So Good” is performing well at radio and now Epic Records has dropped the song’s accompanying video.

Featuring Justin Timberlake and a gang of dancers, the video pays homage to Michael Jackson through dance. There dancers perform choreography from iconic Jackson videos like “Smooth Criminal,” “Beat It,” “Bad,” and “Thriller.” Timberlake hits his best MJ poses throughout the clip while singing the song.


Justin Timberlake wasn’t initially featured on the track. His longtime friend and collaborator Timbaland was brought in to modernize the production on many of the Jackson demos used for this album and asked the “Suit & Tie” singer to get on “Love Never Felt So Good.” Timberlake wasn’t immediately sold.

Justin told Ryan Seacrest, “I’m such a loyal fan to him and his music that it seemed almost too much of a thing, but then I kept hearing this song and it just felt so good. It kind of spoke to me. It reminded me of some of the stuff [Timbaland] and I had worked on on 20/20 Experience.”


Check the video out below.




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