It’s about that time when shows that debuted in the fall begin to wrap up their seasons (if they haven’t already aired their finale). Now we’re already gearing up toward the new fall season.

ABC already posted their fall lineup, and if you haven’t heard, “Scandal” is moving to 9 p.m. to make room for Shonda Rhimes‘ new executive produced show, “How to Get Away With Murder.” Matter of fact, Thursday night on ABC, is going to be Shonda Rhimes night. (“Grey’s Anatomy” is moving to 8 p.m.)

So far, these shows look kind of amazing. In “How to Get Away With Murder,” Viola Davis plays a law school professor where she dissects murder cases with her students, and they get caught in compromising positions along the way. Check out the trailer for the show below.

Anthony Anderson and Tracee Ellis Ross also make their way to ABC, playing a married couple living in the suburbs (have we heard this one before?), and their kids, well, don’t act black enough. One son wants to have a bat mitzvah, his friends call him Andy (real name: Andre), and he wants to play field hockey. So what does Anderson want them to do? Embrace their blackness, of course. The show is appropriately (or inappropriately) called “Black-ish”. It also stars Laurence Fishburne as Anderson’s cranky black father.


Let us know in the comments below what you think about some of ABC’s new shows.

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