Man look…did V. Stiviano not teach you guys anything?! A jumpoff can not be trusted! And furthermore there is a reason they call a jumpoff a jumpoff…you’re supposed to jump OFF…aka go home or tell her to leave! According to our friends over at Eben Gregory,  Waka Flocka didn’t get the message from any of the above because the newly ordained Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star has got a chick posting pics of him supposedly asleep in the bed with her on her Instagram. And to add insult to injury she’s been addressing the pics to Waka’s fiancee Tammy Rivera too! Take a look below!


So, Tammy posted this to her own Instagram account.

Sorry but we have to hit all principle parties with a Wendy Williams “Mmmmmhmmmmm” on this one! This is just messy and not much else. Never close your eyes when a trick is in the room…watch what you say and do fellas they are out here and they want stuff from you…and it ain’t the stuff you think or hope it is either!


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