Has Chief Keef ever been arrested. Yes, Chief Keef has been arrested. In fact, the Chicago rapper is nearly as famous for his many run-ins with the law as he is for his music. Born Keith Cozart on August 15, 1995, Keef has been getting into trouble since his mid-teens. Raised in Englewood, a gritty neighborhood on the city’s South Side, Chief Keef dropped out of school at 15, and in 2011, he was arrested for heroin and delivery of heroin. Later that year, in December, he was picked up for aggravated assault with a firearm, and he was sentenced to house arrest. This wasn’t such a bad punishment, it turned out, since it was during house arrest that he began posting videos to YouTube and garnering the attention that would result in a major-label bidding war.

Chief Keef was arrested again on May 20, 2013, for allegedly smoking weed and being disorderly at an upscale Georgia hotel. Just days later, he was nabbed in Chicago for driving 110 mph, and as if that weren’t bad enough, he had an unlawful number of passengers in the car. Keef wound up pleading guilty to speeding, and he was sentenced to community service and ordered to undergo random drug tests.

Speaking of drugs, they’ve been a problem for the “Hate Bein’ Sober” MC. On October 15, 2013, Keef was sent to jail for 20 days for violating his probation by testing positive for marijuana. On November 6, 2013, he was again locked up for a parole violation, and then on March 5, 2014, following a stint in rehab, he was arrested in Chicago for DUI and driving with a suspended license. He also had no proof of insurance.

Any rap fans still asking whether Chief Keef has been arrested obviously don’t follow the news too closely, as his legal entanglements have unfortunately overshadowed albums like “Finally Rich,” which dropped in December 2012. With luck, Keef’s troubles are behind him, and his forthcoming sophomore effort, “Bang 3,” will keep him in the headlines for the right reasons.

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